League of Legends Tournament – January 8th 2023

When? Sunday January 8th 2023 starting 12pm

Location? In person at Tech505 Esports Lounge

Loser’s bracket prize will be given game time in our lounge. (To be determined)

All teams must register in advance of the tournament date.
Reserved spots will not be guaranteed until registration is paid.
Entry fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable

Must arrive 1 hour before tournament begins

Event Announcements:

Congrats to the 69cougers who won 3 to 1 vs the Goats

We had two teams compete in a 5 v 5 best out of 5 games. Thank you for your support and eveyone who attented!

3 thoughts on “League of Legends Tournament – January 8th 2023”

  1. Hi, Looking to be a free agent (if needed) for the tournament(league of legends) on January 8th, Sunday with the $200 prize.
    Can play support/top at Bronze/Silver level.

  2. Looking for team. Usually place gold if I try and have been playing since season one. Can fill but main support or jungle. Large pool of Champs.

  3. Hi there! I’d love to try this out since it looks fun. Am mainly a support main, can fill adc or top. My mains are Soraka, Pyke, Jhin, and Kled. Please hmu if interested! More into having fun and making friends through this than anything! I’m Silver 1 but I haven’t played ranked in a while.

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